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Our Passion

With the attitude toward making high-quality products, we are particular about raw materials and production process of our products.
Needless to say, such production costs higher. To save an advertising cost, we have been advertising our products only by word of mouth.
Since we strive for making products suitable for all people ranging from babies to the elderly, no samples are prepared.

Also, please note that our products are exclusively sold at this online shopping site. We do not assume responsibility for any TAMAKI products purchased from other shopping sites.

It is said that a human body is comprised of approximately 60 trillion cells.
Being physically healthy means every one of the cells is healthy.
Having healthy cells means that the cells in various part of your body have normal metabolic activities. For such activities, "oxygen and nutrients" are what you need.

All Items

* 10% consumption tax for Facial and Hair products; and 8% for Healthy products which are regarded as food stuffs.


Please feel free to contact us at any time for shopping of TAMAKI's products, reservation for the esthetic salon, request for a product catalog, or for anything you are interested in or concerned.